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About Me

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Hi, my name is Sue Voysey and I would like to welcome you to my website.

I decided to train to become a Kinesiologist after experiencing some health issues myself, which only cleared up after having some Kinesiology sessions.

I was so impressed with how quickly I recovered from a debilitating condition, that I wanted to know more.  I travelled to London for my training with a Kinesiologist Harley Street tutor and attained Levels 1-10, which involved many study hours, case studies, and tutor-tested skills.  This has enabled me to have a full understanding of all the necessary information needed to help clients with their many different issues and concerns.  Courses are approved and accredited by the Open College Network ensuring high professional standards. I am now a fully qualified Kinesiology Federation Registered Practitioner. In addition I have also completed and qualified in Anatomy & Physiology to NVQ Level 3, Nutrition, Counselling/Interpersonal Skills, Business Management and Touch for Health.  I continue to attend additional courses on a regular basis, as required by the Kinesiology Federation of which I am a member.

I recently discovered another fantastic modality called the Emotion Code and decided to train to be a certified practitioner. I now have clients from all over the world and it is so lovely to see people regain their lives again and be free from the emotional issues that have stopped them enjoying freedom to do what they want to do.   I have also now become qualified as a Body Code practitioner.

My practice is in a very peaceful, relaxing, countryside environment, in a pet free, smoke free house, with plenty of parking space.  If you are travelling by bus, there is a bus stop 2 minutes walk away.

If you cannot attend in person or live in a different time zone, then I can do an Emotion Code/Body Code session by skype or by proxy, where I do the work and then send you a report of what I have found and released for you.


I hope that you have enjoyed visiting my website and it inspires you to book a session with me.