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Ripples of Healing Energies

Emotion Code/Body Code

My aim is to help you regain your lovely unique body and be the best version of yourself and this can only happen if you let go of the emotions that are holding you back.

Did you know that every stressful moment you have had, every negative emotion you have felt, every physical discomfort you have experienced is stored in some part of your body all the way down to the cellular level.  It is in your muscles, it is in your organs, your connective tissue, your joints. Our body is a living history that keeps a record of every physical and emotional trauma or injury ever experienced.

  • Are you stuck in time caused by a traumatic event(s) in your life?

The Emotion Code/Body Code may help to release the stored and recorded trauma patterns experienced by an accident, work, injury, relationships, etc., you may have experienced.

  • What emotional traumas are keeping you from enjoying a life free from past grief and sorrow?

The Emotion Code/Body Code, a technique for releasing trapped emotions and imbalances in the body was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, a Holistic Chiropractic Physician, Medical Intuitive and one of the world’s foremost experts in the emerging fields of Bioenergetic Medicine and Energy Psychology. Dr. Nelson’s work is based on the concept, that emotionally-charged events from one’s past are stored in the body as trapped emotions. These energies take up space and distort the vibration where they are trapped, eventually leading to not only a disruption in the organs and tissue in that area, but throughout the whole body.

The Emotion Code may help release emotional wounds of hurt, anger, grief and shock and break the pattern of dysfunction and allow the body to function again to its true potential.

The Body Code can detect imbalances in one of the following areas: Circuitry (organs, glands, muscles), Energetic (usually emotions), Pathogens (bacterial, viral, mould, etc.), Nutritional (food and nutrients), Structural (bones, nerves, connective tissue), and Toxicity (heavy metals, harsh chemicals).

Nearly every body disfunction that we encounter can be tracked back to an imbalance in one of the 6 categories. The Body Code utilizes the power of our subconscious mind and muscle testing to quickly identify and correct these harmful imbalances.

After your session you then have what I call Processing Time, which is your body releasing any trapped emotions, rearranging energy and renewing communications to previously blocked areas in your body.  This may be recognised as being tired, thirsty, feeling emotional.  Any of these may be experienced or not at all, it depends on each individual.  These usually pass in a day or two.  You need to keep hydrated, so sip water frequently whilst processing.

Let me use my training and certification in this modality to help you regain your health. I am available to work with you in person on the Isle of Wight, in a lovely idyllic location in the countryside with ample parking.  If you cannot visit in person, I also offer sessions via skype, telephone or via email, where I send you a report of what I find afterwards.

Watch this powerful information trailer for a movie, which explains about trapped emotions and the Emotion Code.

If we change ourselves for the better, we in turn respond differently and this affects those around us in a positive way. As everything is energy, that includes you, me and everyone else, we are all connected. Going on this understanding, when you change yourself, you send ripples out into the collective, this in turn helps others to change and evolve. Everyone sends out ripples. Trapped emotions can prevent us from living the life we could be living.  I am a certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner and I can help you release these.

Our bodies are created of physical matter and non-physical energy. Both chemical and life force energy pulsates throughout the body to keep us alive. When energy is flowing freely throughout the body, its organs and its cells, we are healthy and full of vitality. This is the natural state of the human body.

As we venture through life, we meet with objects that cause resistance in our bodies. These ‘objects’ can be pollutants, people we don’t get along with, painful life events, trapped emotions……   anything that makes us feel uncomfortable on any level and prevents us from living the life we could be living. Discomfort of any kind causes a disruption of the natural flow of energy throughout the body. Discomfort becomes resistance. Resistance is opposite to how we naturally wish to be: happy and healthy versus unhappy and unhealthy. When resistance occurs, it creates an imbalance in the transformation between matter and energy.

If a part of your body hurts or is in any kind of discomfort, it is telling you that something is out of balance, not functioning in the way intended.

Once trapped emotions are released, the body knows how to repair itself, it carries a perfect blueprint and if we take out that which causes it to malfunction, then it can start to function naturally again.

This is similar to a rock in your shoe, or a thorn embedded in your clothing that scratches at your skin. Your foot or your skin is simply going to be unhappy (along with you) until that “thing” is removed. Having these “foreign” items in a place they do not belong will no doubt cause a distraction in some way to your daily life. This is the same with trapped energies; the body simply has trouble functioning as intended with those misplaced energies. They simply interfere with the natural energy frequency of the body area where they are lodged.

To find out how I may be able to help you change your life, call today on:

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If you cannot attend in person or live in a different time zone, then I can do an Emotion Code/Body Code session by proxy, where I do the work and then send you a report of what I have found and released for you.



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